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Bear in a Suit - Is an exotic mix of unconventional nerds and enthusiastic creators who have made it their mission to realize visions that focus on people.
In a personal relation we not only manage to realize the idea, but also to work out the essence of it and to develop a holistic product.
We see computer science as a creative tool for expression of the 21st century and not as a dull means to an end. As innovation-loving thinkers, we also take on projects that seem unprofitable at first glance.
All too often, IT is seen as a necessary evil and is not involved in the creative process.
The image of the lonely programmer in the basement is all too present.
As outgoing and communicative IT experts we want to change that!

lightbound project

Lightbound is a communication device with only one purpose: to give two loving people the feeling that they are in each other's lives, even if one lives in Finland and the other in Japan. Implemented by Arduinos and their sensors, which send the signal to the respective partner.

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zugvogel festival

The "Zugvögel Festival" is an annual non-commercial festival near Cologne and is supported by volunteers. An art installation was conceived and realized for the "Zugvögel Festival". The result is an interactive bird sculpture that plays sounds and creates light effects depending on the distance.

pendler in nrw

As part of the Google News Initiative and the Rheinische Post, commuters in North Rhine-Westphalia were examined in detail and displayed as animated commuter flows on a map.

more on rp-online.de


Many twitch streamers want to grow with their channel and gain more range. But often things don't go the way you want, you don't know what you're doing wrong. It's not always the content itself. Often there is simply no initial ignition. Could streamgrow.net be the solution? Especially new streamers often don't have the attention they deserve. Register, watch other registered members streaming, rate them and earn coins that you can trade for a better display position.

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underrated x bear in a suit

At underrated teams, consisting of the best dancers worldwide, compete against each other in a tournament. Unlike ordinary battles, however, the wheel of fortune is turned before each round to receive a bonus or handicap. The tournament system & Wheel of Fortune was designed, implemented & operated for this purpose.
Be there next time!